An Evaluation of Setting Time of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and EndoSequence Root Repair Material in the Presence of Human Blood and Minimal Essential Media

By Charland T, Hartwell GR, Hirschberg C, Patel R.

Date: 01/2013
Journal: JOE


  • Compare the setting times of root end repair materials MTA & Endo Sequence Root Repair Material (ESRRM)


  • Subjects: model was created using polymethyl methacrylate blocks each prepared with 10 standardized wells (2 mm diameter  3 mm depth).
  • Sample size= 10 wells * 10 sheets
  • Experimental Design: 6 groups had either MTA or ESRRM with either blood, MEM, both.
  • Controls: Sterile Saline
  • Criteria of evaluation: setting using standard Gillmore needle apparatus at  4, 5, 6, 8, 24, 36, 48 hours.


  • All MTA samples were set at 36 h; not before that.
  • All ESRRM were not set at 48 h.
  • No statistical significance between media used

Clinical Significance:

The results of this study indicate that when either of these materials is used for perforation repairs, pulp capping, or as an apical barrier, wait at least 36 hours for MTA to set and even longer to allow ESRRM to set before continuing either endodontic or restorative procedures.