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Effect of Resin-based and Bioceramic Root Canal Sealers on Postoperative Pain


Purpose: to compare the effect of resin-based and bioceramic root canal sealers on the occurrence and intensity of postoperative pain in patients with asymptomatic apical periodontitis (AAP).

N= 114 teeth.


•Patients requiring root canal retreatment of at least 2 single-rooted teeth diagnosed with AAP with periapical lesions were included (2 to 4 according to Orstavik et al.)

•Each root canal was retreated in 1 visit, treatment of the second tooth was scheduled 1 week after the first treatment session.

• No local anesthesia or chemical solvents was applied during the treatment.

•Obturation (warm vertical): ü1 tooth was obturated with AH Plus sealer and a gutta-percha point. üanother tooth was obturated with bio- ceramic Total Fill sealer and a Total Fill BC point.

•Postoperative pain was recorded by a visual analog scale (VAS) at 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and 7 days after obturation.

Most highlighted Results:

•The VAS scores recorded were 80 and 70 in the AH Plus and Total Fill groups, respectively.

•None of the study participants reported any pain since 72 hours after obturation.


Clinical significance:

postoperative pain in the teeth diagnosed with AAP and obturated with resin-based or bioceramic root canal sealers with no extrusion beyond the apex was generally low.


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