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Long-term Clinical Outcome of Teeth Obturated with Resilon


Purpose:  To compare the long-term clinical outcomes of teeth obturated with Resilon/Real-Seal (RS) and teeth obturated with GP/AH Plus.

n=  100 teeth, RS:50; GP:50


  • Teeth with initial RCT from 2007-2012 with no PARL were included
  • Recall for RS was 5.8 years and GP was 6.6 years.
  • Success was achieve by the lack of clinical S&S and normal PA tissue(evaluated by 3 examiners using image J software to quantify the PARL of failed cases)

Most highlighted Results: 

  • Success rate of teeth obturated with RS was 56% and 88% with GP.
  • Teeth obturated with RS were 5.7 more likely to fail when compared to GP.
  • The area of PARL did not differ significantly between the two groups.
  • No association was found between outcome and patient age, gender, preoperative diagnosis, or one versus multiple visits.
  • PARLs in the failed RS cases tended to be associated with root resorption involving more than 1 root Fig. 1.

Clinical significance:

 Teeth obturated with RS had a 5.7 times greater chance of failure compared with teeth obturated with GP.


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